Stuck in an Elevator

Oh my gosh! I’m in in an elevator with a famous person! What would you do in this situation? You should watch my elevator pitch video. It explains what I am doing for my %20 project. It tells you more about how I am helping kids with cancer in our project. It also explains the event that I am hosting. In the video it explains that we are raising money and awareness for the American Children’s Cancer Organization. We are helping kids with cancer by raising money for them for care bags and free materials for kids diagnosed with cancer. It also talks about the Easter egg hunt Go Gold for Kids With Cancer event that we are hosting to raise money and awareness. If you watch my video, you will know everything you need to know about my project. If you want to watch my video click this link! You will not be sorry!  


Wrapping Up

Me and My partner James are working on a %20 project.Our %20 is almost finished. I think that the most rewarding part of the project so far was receiving all of the Go Gold bracelets in the mail. We have been giving them away for $5 donations. We have received lots of donations and I’m excited to donate them all to ACCO. I am hoping that this money will make a difference in helping kids with cancer. I remember in 2nd grade, a kid in my school passed away from cancer. I want to  be a part in the fight against cancer.

Our main Easter egg hunt event for our project is this Saturday. We need to do a couple things to prepare and wrap up our project. We need to get a banner ready and print out our flyers. We also need to prepare a raffle basket for our event. We are going to create a booth at the event where people can buy a raffle ticket and donate. We need to get all of our booth equipment organized and ready to set up.

I think that It might be hard to create our speech but we can do it. We are going to take lots of pictures at the event. These pictures can be use in our GMS Takes Action speech. James (my partner) and I are going to get together and work on brainstorming. We will use all the information from our mentors and our event for our speech. Once we come back from spring break and we get more information about our speech, we can start working on the script.


GMS Takes Action, Tomorrow!

I have accomplished a lot with my partner James on our %20 project.  We have hosted our event and given away our raffle baskets. I feel really good about our project because we raised so much money, we exceeded our goal! We raised about $175! That’s more than enough to get a care package and necessity box to donate to kids diagnosed with cancer! We are going to donate this money to the American Children’s Cancer Organization so that they can make the care package.

The only things left to do for my project are to donate the money and send in pictures. We need to gather all the money and donate it to ACCO. We also need to send some pictures of the event to our mentor. They are going to use it in to put in the newspaper. I am smiley face stress ballvery grateful of the Hempstead neighborhood association for helping us with our project. They will be posting a summary of our event in the newspaper and this is why we need to send them pictures.

If I could go back and change one thing, I would probably have worked more on preparing for our event. We didn’t have much time to get our raffle baskets ready. We also should have worked more on our poster and flyers for our booth. We have to hurry and finish everything the last raffle baskets and the poster the night before the event. I think we also might have gotten more flyers printed out if we had more time as well.

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St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful holiday filled with party’s, leprechauns, and pots o’ gold under the rainbow. Everybody wears green to avoid getting pinched, but do you really know what St. Patrick’s Day is? It is a celebration of Irish culture. Most importantly, it is a day of remembrance for St. Patrick was a Christian Missionary, which means he tried to convert people to Christianity. He was also a Saint of Ireland. A Saint is a person acknowledged as a holy person. St. Patrick’s real name was Maewyn Succat. During his time in Ireland he converted 135,000 people to Christianity and established 300 churches. Now that you know who St. Patrick is, you know why you are really celebrating this holiday.Luck is... (explored)Creative Commons License Umberto Salvagnin via Compfight

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This post is about my %20 project. This week me and my partner have accomplished a lot. We have sent emails to ACCO and our mentor Jaime Lyons. We have filled out conformation forms and ACCO has made a logo and flyers for us to use in our Easter egg hunt booth. I am feeling great about my project so far. We have gotten it approved by the neighborhood commie and ACCO is sending us items to use. I am also feeling pretty good about my elevator pitch speech because I have got it approved and I am ready to start filming. Our next plans for our project deadline is to start planning our event. It is going to be hosted on April 1st. We need to plan our auction and decorate and set up a booth to take to the Easter Egg hunt. An issue that we had was that we didn’t know what forms to fill out and what information to put on them. To solve this we had our mentor do it because she is an adult. We are very appreciative of this. This is what I did in my %20 this week.

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Go Gold for Kids With Cancer

This week I accomplished a lot in my 20% project. For more information about what my 20% project is refer to the My Project post. This week my partner James and I finished our outline for a speech we are working on. Our mentor replied to our email we sent to them. We sent a follow up email to them soon. We have requested to have a Go Gold event in my neighborhood.

This week we are going to email ACCO (American Children Cancer Origination). We are going to request to get materials for our Go Gold event. Possible materials that ACCO could sent us include Go Gold tattoos and Go Gold bracelets to hand out to participants. We also need to work on our script for our speech.

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I am feeling pretty good about the project so far. I am a little overwhelmed but all the pieces seem to be falling into place. Our mentor is going to vote on the event. If it gets voted for we will ave our Go Gold for kids with cancer Easter egg hunt. I am pretty excited to see how our project turns out.




Blog 3 20% Project

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My partner, James, and I have been working on our 20% project for school. For more information check out the My Project post. Something that we have accomplished this week is that we have emailed back our mentor we were talking about what our plans are for our Go Gold event we are going to have. (check our my GO Gold Post) I am feeling pretty good about our project so far as long as our mentor votes for our idea because then we will be able to have our event. We have not met with our mentor yet but we plan to meet soon. We can schedule a meeting
via email and then walk over to their house to talk. To meet our goals next week we need to send a meeting to ACCO to get free promotional items to support awareness.






20% Project Week 2- Go Gold

For our 20% project (for more info on what a 20% project is, go to the My Project Post)  me and my partner James are going to organize a Go-Gold for kids with cancer Easter egg hunt event in our neighborhood. An accomplishment we made this week was creating our timeline and getting a reply email from our mentor. I am feeling pretty good about our project so far because our mentor agreed to have a vote on the Easter egg hunt event. A problem that we ran into was that the organization that is helping us with the supplies, ACCO, is not available until later. We are going to fix this by already having our plan ready so that when they are available we know what to say and what to ask for. This is our time table that we made with deadlines for our project.

1/27 Will have emailed back mentor
2/10 Will have scheduled meeting with mentor
2/24 Will have sent email to Acco
3/10 Will have organized Go-Gold event
3/24 Will have made promotional T-Shirts

My Project

downloadThis week I have been working on a big project called the 20% project. We use 20% of our time to complete it. I am working with my friend James, you can find his blog by clicking HERE. Something that we accomplished this week was that we finished our outline for our project. This week we came up with 2 ideas. We can either raise awareness for cancer and do “Shovel for a Cause” where people shovel others driveways to raise money for cancer or we can teach people how to enjoy the outdoors and go camping with out having to pay all the money for boy scouts. A problem we have run into this week is that we can’t decide which idea we are going to do. We are trying to fix those problems by brainstorming the pros and cons of each idea. After we decide upon our idea, we are going to work on finalizing our proposal speech next. We need to make a speech proposing our idea to our teachers.

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My Travels

So far I have traveled to many cool places. There are so many I couldn’t possibly tell you about all of them, so I will just tell you about 1 of my favorites. I went to these places during my summer vacation when I was off of school.  My favorite vacation that I have taken was a cruise to the Florida Keys and Mexico.

My Cruise

Last year I went on a cruise with my Mom, Dad, and both my Grandma’s. The cruise went down to the Florida Keys and then to Cozumel Mexico. Our cruise was a Carnival cruise. Their website is HERE. First, we flew down to my grandma on my dad’s side with me, my mom, my dad, and my grandma on my mom’s side. Then we met up with my dad’s mom at her house and stayed there one night. The next day early in the morning we went to the dock and went through security. The line took more than an hour! Once we were on we had a couple hours to get our room set up and explore the ship befo4670205778_dc5f3a33b9_bre we set sail. When we set sail the “Whistle” (more like a giant blow horn that breaks your eardrums) blows to signal that we are leaving port. Then we are on our way! The ship had an outdoor deck with a pool, 2 hot tubs, a dance floor, and a bunch of restaurant stands. There was a miniature golf course on the top viewing deck and even a mini water park on the other end of the ship! The ship sailed down to the Florida Keys islands. We got to stay there for a couple of hours. When I was there I got to go parasailing for my first time! The ride on the super fast speed boat was actually scarier that being up on the parachute.

Next, we got back on the ship, had dinner, and then were on our way to Cozumel Mexico! In the morning we woke up kind of early and got to go into Mexico. We walked around shops and got cool souviners. Then, we drove to a resort where we got to go snorkling, play on the beach, see a sea lion show, eat lunch, and take a myan tour. Our last day was a whole day at sea where there were a lot of cool events and I got to be on the cruise ship game show by Hasbro! We explored the ship and discovered many cool things such as a game room, cool resturants, shops, a stage, and lots more! This was my favorite vacation, what was yours?

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